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Simply Homes/Homebuyers Incorporated, Real Estate, Papillion, NE

At Simply Homes we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. The below community policy statement outlines general policies that apply to most properties that are offered for rent.




This is your home and you are entitled to the same privacy and privileges that you expect in a private home, however, as this is a rental home it gives you certain responsibilities. The following policies have been adopted so that you and your neighbors can be proud of your home and community. Any Violation of these Community Policies could mean a violation of your Lease Agreement and could result in the termination of your Lease Agreement. These Community Policies may change with a 30-day written notice to you from us.

Persons on the Lease:

Only the person(s) names on the Lease Agreement may reside within the residence. Any guests or visitors who stay longer than ten days need to be approved by us in writing beforehand. In addition, we must approve anyone who is to be added to the Lease Agreement before they move in. Persons wishing to move in must fill out an application and pay any application fees.

Rental Payments:

All rents are due on the first day of the month and are late on the second day. However, there is a grace period tto the fifth day of the month, after which rent is delinquent and a late charge as outlined in your Lease Agreement will be assessed. Rent must be paid by check, money order, cashier's check or cash in our office. If, at any time, a personal check fails to clear your bank, an NSF charge will be assessed in addition to any late charges due and personal checks will no longer be accepted.

If you fail to pay rent, eviction proceedings will begin on the sixth day of the month. You will receive a "Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit". If payment IN FULL is still not received within that three day period, the notice will be forwarded to our attorney to begin legal action to recover possession of the premises.


Painting, wallpapering, drilling or any other type of alterations to the home or building may not be done without our prior written authorization.


Improper use of the appliances can result in damage. The repair or replacement of appliances as a result of negligence by you, your dependants, or your guests will be charged to you.

  • Dishwasher (if applicable):       Before using the dishwasher, scrape off bones, seeds, skins and other hard solids, and pre-rinse the dishes. Use only powder or liquid detergents specifically made for the use in dishwashers. Never leave a dishwasher running unattended. Any damage that occurs due to fire or an overflow of an unattended dishwasher will be charged to you.
  • Disposal:          Cold water should be running before the disposal is turned on, during the grinding of food waste, and left running for one minute after grinding has stopped. Items such as grease, pasta, and rice should not be placed in the disposal, as this will cause blockage and/or damage to the disposal and pipes. Disposals are to be used for small amounts of food scraps only. Large amounts should be placed in the garbage. Caustic drain cleaners must not be put into the disposal.
  • Refrigerator:     Always unplug the refrigerator before cleaning. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with warm water and a baking soda solution, do not use sharp objects to remove anything. The outside should be cleaned with a mild dish washing detergent and warm water.
  • Range: The outside of the range and the range hood should be cleaned with water and cleansing detergent, not abrasive cleaners. Rinse well and clean the area under the cook top often. Built-up food and grease may catch fire. Clean the inside of the oven at least once a year. If the oven is self-cleaning, do not use oven cleaner solvents, as they will permanently damage the appliance.
  • Microwave (if applicable):         The outside of the oven should be cleaned with water and a mild cleanser. The interior should be cleaned with mild soap and water and thoroughly rinsed. Continuing to use the oven without cleaning the food particles may cause damage. Use only utensils and containers that are specifically labeled as "Microwave Safe".

Barbecuing/Grills:        When barbecuing or grilling resident understands that any grill is to be used with caution because of the damage they may cause. Any and all grills must be at least 2 feet away from any vinyl siding on the building. Any damage caused by a resident's grill will be charged to the resident.

Cable TV/ Internet Service/Telephone: It is the responsibility of the resident to contract for the installation, maintenance and termination of all services. Additional outlets for these services must have prior written approval or owner and is the sole expense of the Resident.

Damages:         Resident will be held liable for any damages to the building, apartment, fixtures or appliances caused by resident, resident's dependents, or your guests. All charges are due and payable as additional rent and must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of the notice and are subject to late fees.

Disturbances:   Resident is responsible for resident's own conduct as well as that of residents family, guests or visitors. Disturbances include, but not limited to, noise disturbances, physical or verbal disturbances, or any activity that may hinder the peaceful enjoyment, rights, comforts, or conveniences of residents neighbors. 

Furnace Filters: It is the responsibility of the Resident to routinely change the furnace filter at least every month.

Housekeeping:  Resident must keep the home in a clean and sanitary manner at all times. In addition, resident, resident's dependents and guests are responsible for the upkeep on the yard and landscaping.

Landscaping:   Resident is responsible for the lawn and landscape areas. This includes but not limited to mowing, weeding, fertilizing etc.

Lockouts:         If resident is lock out, resident must contact a locksmith to let you in; resident will be responsible for all charges by the locksmith.

Locks & Security Systems:       Each person on the lease will be issued a set of keys. Additional keys may be obtained from our office at an additional charge. Changing of locks, additional locks and padlocks are prohibited from being placed on any door of the premises. If this should occur, the lock will be changed back to the original lock at residents expense. If resident wishes to install a security system resident must obtain written permission from Owner/Agent and notify Owner/Agent of any security code. All installation and maintenance charges will be the responsibility of resident.

Maintenance:    During business hours please call the office regarding maintenance requests. All maintenance requests must be placed with the office. Maintenance staff is not allowed to perform any maintenance work without authorization. Only person(s) named on the Lease Agreement may request maintenance work.  In the event of a maintenance emergency please call our emergency number. The following are emergency situations: burst pipe, no heat if the temperature is dangerously cold, plumbing back- ups (after you are unable to clear the clog by using a plunger) refrigerator not functioning, gas or carbon monoxide leakage, any situation posing a fire hazard, or no hot water. In other words, only those things which pose a danger to the property or people. Not something that is an inconvenience.

Patios & Balconies:      Only patio furniture is allowed on patios or balconies. A private patio or balcony is residents responsibility to keep clean and cleared of trash, debris, snow and ice. Resident agrees to remove any item that we believe will be detrimental to the building's appearance upon our request.

Pets:    All pets are prohibited from the premises without written authorization from Owner/Agent, documentation on the pet, and payment of appropriate fees. Resident agrees to provide owner/agent with a copy of Rental Insurance for any pet allowed by owner/agent. Exotic animals, snakes, rodents, spiders and ferrets are not allowed. All Service Animals must be documented and registered by Owner/Agent, in advance. .

Pest Control:    Resident will pay for extermination services in the event that the need for such service is the result of the care of the premises by the resident. The resident agrees to comply with the advance notices for such extermination.

Pest Control (Bed Bugs): This property is certified "bed bug free" as of the move-in date. Resident is required to notify Owner/Agent within 7 days of move-in if bed bugs are observed. If written notification is not received by Owner/Agent within 7 days of move-in it will be considered confirmation that the unit was "bed-bug free" at move-in. Resident is being supplied with literature detailing bed bugs and proper prevention techniques. If resident carried bed bugs into premises, requiring treatment, resident is obligated to notify Owner/Agent of infestation and make a coordinated effort with Owner/Agent to perform treatment. The financial responsibility of any treatment shall be the responsibility of the resident and shall be immediately paid upon any such treatment.

Plumbing:        Toilets, drains, and basins must be used only for their intended purpose. Only conventional toilet paper should be used in the toilets. Do not dispose of diapers, tampons or other sanitary products in the toilet. Stoppages occurring in the sewer line as a result of your negligence will be charged back to you as damages. You must purchase a plunger and use it before making a service request to unclog a toilet. Do not use toilet drop-in tablets as they often will clog the toilet until the tablet is fully dissolved. DO NOT use liquid or crystal drain openers, they rarely work, harm pipes and may cause acid burns to the Service Technician who come to clear the drain. If the drain is running slow call us before it becomes clogged.

Property Damage: Any damage to the Owner/Agent's property caused by the resident, his/her family, and/or guest's acts or negligence, will be charged to the resident and is payable upon demand.

Rental Insurance:         Resident is advised to purchase Renter's Insurance to cover theft or damage to personal belongings in the home and/or parking area. Owner/Agent's Insurance does not cover your property under any circumstance, including fire, flood, theft, vandalism or natural disaster. Rental insurance is also required for pets and or installation of waterbeds.

Satellite Dishes:           Satellite dishes are not allowed without prior written permission from Owner/Agent.

Security Deposits:        To insure the return of your Security Deposit, the following requirements must be met:

  • At the time the Lease Agreement is signed, Resident has been asked to fill out and return a Move-In Checklist. At the time of your move out, any items beyond normal wear and tear what are not listed on the returned Move-In Checklist in the file will be charged to resident.
  • Resident must have completed the Lease Agreement and given a written notice at least 30 days prior to vacating the apartment. Notices to vacate are only valid from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month.
  • Resident must clean each appliance surface and fixture thoroughly. The Owner/Agent will determine the cleanliness, and may assess any charges accordingly.
  • Resident must remove all items from the home. Charges will be assessed if we have to store or dispose of any property.
  • Charges will be assessed for repairs or painting needed, painting is not considered normal wear and tear.
  • The carpet must be cleaned, vacuumed and in good repair. Any cleaning or repair/.replacement due to your neglect will be charged back to you.
  • Move-out inspections cannot be performed until you have completely vacated the premises and returned all your keys, garage openers as applicable.
  • Security Deposits may not be used as rental payments.
  • It is Residents responsibility to inform Owner/Agent of your forwarding address upon move-out so that the deposit or any amount due may be mailed correctly.

Smoke Detectors:         Smoke detectors are provided by the Owner/Agent for resident's safety. It is Residents responsibility to check the smoke detector periodically for proper operation. It is the responsibility of the resident to replace the battery and/or report any damage or malfunction to the owner during the course of tenancy.

Snow Removal:            It is the responsibility of the resident to remove all snow and ice from all steps, sidewalks, driveways and patios.

Sprinkler Systems:       It is the responsibility of the resident to use the utmost care concerning the sprinkler systems which may be on the property. Any damage cause by the residents misuse or caused by the resident will be billed back to resident. Owner /Agent     will cover the cost of winterizing and spring start up.

Storage:                       Resident agrees not to store any items on or around hot water heater or furnace.

Trash Removal:            All garbage and trash must be kept in a container in a sanitary manner. Resident is responsible for arranging for trash removal service if the home is not part of city removal.

Utilities:          The Lease Agreement outlines the utilities that are resident's  responsibility. The service for these utilities must be placed in your name prior to move in. The loss of utility service due to non-payment is considered a Lease violation. Any utility that may be paid by Owner/Agent on behalf of the resident will be charged back to resident. Resident agrees to pay Owner/Agent a $50.00 convenience fee for each utility service paid by the Owner/Agent on be half of Resident. These charges shall be due and payable as additional rent within 30 days of receipt of the notice and are subject to late fees.

Vehicles:          All vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense if they are illegally parked, are in disrepair (such as broken windows, flat tires etc.) have expired license plates, or are not in daily use and moved within a 72 hour period. At no time may any type of vehicle be driven or parked on the lawn, whether for deliveries or for moving in or out. Any damage to the lawn caused by resident or guests will be charged back to resident. The minimum charge for this damage is $250.00. Motorcycles, or motor bikes of any kind, may not be stored, started or ridden on any patio areas, lawns or sidewalks.

Walls:   Only thin picture hooks may be used on the walls. No holes may be put in any woodwork. Large screws, tape and adhesive glue items may cause damage to the walls, which resident will be responsible for.

Waterbeds:       Waterbeds are not allowed without our written approval. To request approval, you will need proof of current renter's insurance which includes liability coverage.

Window Coverings:      Some homes have blinds installed by us; however, sheets, newspaper, foil, and/or flags may not be used as window coverings. We will replace damaged window coverings at our discretion, charging the new coverings and labor to you.

Windows & Screens:    Damaged screens and/or broken windows must be repaired or replaced at resident's  expense. Window screens may not be removed.